Kennel Club Name: Contar Swagman at Kazval

Date of Birth: 9 July 2007

Gender: Male

Bred by: Mr & Mrs McCubbin

Hips: 5/2

Eyes: Clear 2007. Gionioscopy: Unaffected

Co-efficient of Inbreeding: 2.1%



Grand Parents

Great Grand Parents

Great Great Grand Parents

Covenstead Ambassador

Almanza Far & Flyg

Inkwells Named Shadow

Black Mica's A Mixed Recipe

Inkwells Beretta Mobilchoke

Almanza Mitt I Prick

Almanza Frack I Frack

Almanza Release your Fantasy

Heirofia's West Side Story

Heirofia's Junior Crusader

Lussac Crusader

Cariena's Twenty Two Two

Heirofia's Orchide

Coalport Country Man

Heirofia's Hortensia 

Magic Water

Almanza Roundabout

Inkwells Patric Partridge

Engelen Squeezing Out Sparks

Inkwells Jail Bird

Almanza Russian Roulette

Nestor Het Hulterhof

Almanza Exotic Tequila Sunrise

Contar Water Witch

Kazval Kind of Magic

Kenjo Black Mark

Bitcon Castaspell

Kazval Kirtle Water

Branchalwood Strathfinnan  

Bitcon Castaspell



Spencer is a clown, and loves to make you laugh. He is such a loving boy and just adores to be with people, and hates to be left alone. He thinks that petting is a two way process and he leans into your legs and throws himself on you with total disregard for his size. He loves the car, and all types of toys. He has sired two litters, one to to our bitch Kesi, resulting in 10 healthy puppies, 5 dogs and 5 bitches, and in 2014 he sired a litter of 12 pups to our Millie.  He’s the worst Father in the world and does not take to his role dutifully, instead takes all the toys from his puppies, and has even been known to pee on his offspring! (Bad Dad!) He is always full of beans in the house and protests if he hasn’t had a walk, but when he does set off for a walk with the others, he is energetic for about 10 minutes and then walks at your heel as if he is waiting for his pipe and slippers and a real fire to lie beside.

Working ability:

Spencer came to us in 2009 and before then enjoyed some success in the show-ring but never worked. He was also gun shy and terrified of fireworks. He is now totally cured of his gun shyness and regularly works with my daughter, Rachael, out on various shoots. He takes his new found vocation in life very seriously and his overall fitness has improved greatly. Keen as mustard he sometimes gets it wrong and has been known to be literally standing on a pheasant before he realises it’s there! Swimming is not his strong point and the first time we saw him swim we thought he was drowning. You can’t fault his enthusiasm though.


Spencer is a soundly constructed dog with a deep and broad chest, good reach of neck, classic head. He has excellent movement and a constantly wagging tail. He has a winning expression and almost smiles with his warm dark brown almond-shaped eyes. His trump card is his full, thick and mature glossy black coat which makes him look like the King of Flatcoats or The Lion King!

Show Results:

Event date



Class level



8 Nov 2008

Gundog Breeds of Scotland

Championship Show



JUDGE: Viv Bowen

6 Aug 2008

Paignton 2008

Championship Show



JUDGE: Chris Atkinson

28 Jul 2008


Championship Show



JUDGE: Jose Baddeley

16 Jul 2008

East of England

Championship Show



JUDGE: Tony Pascoe

27 Jun 2008

Windsor 2008

Championship Show



JUDGE: Dr R W James

21 Jun 2008

Blackpool 2008

Championship Show


1st, Best Puppy

JUDGE: Mr R Menaker

24 May 2008


Championship Show



8 May 2008

Birmingham National 2008

Championship Show



19 Apr 2008

FRC of Scotland

Championship Show


1st, Best Puppy Dog

6 Apr 2008

Flatcoated Retriever Society

Championship Show

Minor Puppy