Kennel Club Name: Montegrino Expensive Extra

Date of Birth: 6th February 2014

Gender: Female

Bred by: Jacqui Montegrino

Hips: /p>


Co-efficient of Inbreeding:


Grand Parents

Great Grand Parents

Great Great Grand Parents

Contar Swagman at Kazval

SH CH NOR CH Covenstead Ambassador (IMP NOR)

NOR SWED CH Almanza Far and Flyg

FCI INT NOR FIN CH Inkwells Named Shadow

NOR CH Almanza Mitt I Prick

NOR CH Heirofia's West Side Story

NOR CH Heirofia's Junior Crusader

Heirofia's Orchide

Magic Water

SH CH NOR FIN & SWED SH CH Almanza Roundabout (IMP SWE)

SWED FIN CH Inkwells Patric Partridge

SWED CHG Almanza Russian Roulette

Contar Water Witch

Kazval Kind of Magic

Kazval Kirtle Water 

Montegrino Milky Muzzle

Candidacasa Rollacoaster

Almanza Roundabout

Inkwells Patric Partridge

Almanza Russian Roulette

Highammill Pandora

Waverton Toby Ale Of Varingo

Highammill Athea

Spera Brescia Beretta of Montegrino

Waybeyond Rough Justice for Cleovine

Cleovine Tresillion

Shiredale Magic Hope of Abercairny

Spera Thalia Brescia

Wizardwood Orlando  

Spera Vivace Thalia



Sorrel is a combination of both her Mum and her Dad. I can see so many likenesses and traits from Millie and Spencer in this young and energetic flatcoat. She loves swimming but doesn't have a great swimming style almost to the point, like her Dad Spencer where you think she might be drowning. Sorrel has a habit of looking straight up at the heavens when you stroke her so that you can admire her properly. We call her the Black Swan because of the length of her neck and the grace of her beauty. She also loves to run as fast as she can just for the fun of it, but doesn't like any other dogs to run as fast as her so will charge at them and slow them down. She is a real goodie two shoes and hates to be in the wrong. Not a proven gundog yet but that is my fault not hers. My mission in 2016 is to give her more training as she does show promise with her retrieving. Sorrel is a big girl and not ideally suited for the show-ring but you can't fault her character.