Kennel Club Name: Spera Brescia Beretta of Montegrino

Date of Birth: 18th April 2006

Gender: Female

Bred by: Shirley De-Robbio

Hips: 7/3

Eyes: Clear 2007. Gionioscopy: Unaffected

Co-efficient of Inbreeding: 9.8%



Grand Parents

Great Grand Parents

Great Great Grand Parents

Waybeyond Rough Justice for Cleovine

Cleovine Tresillion

SH CH Braemist Fire Falcon

SH CH Exclyst Viking

Braemist Lady of the Stars

CH Shargleam Wood Sorrel

Branchalwood Skye at Cleovine

Shargleam Linnet

ShiredaleMagic Hope of Abercalmy

SH CH Cleovine Derrynane

SH CH Heathland Gamekeeper

Pendlewych Pipit at Cleovine

Wizardwood Mist on the Water over Shiredale

SH CH Shiredale Magic and Mystery at Wistosa

CH Wizardwood Water Witch

Spera Thalia Brescia

CH Wizardwood Orlando

Wizardwood Wild Water

CH Branchalwood Stroan

CH Wizardwood Water Witch

Wizardwood Genevra

CH Brown Keston of Varingo

Wizardwood Dark Legend

Spera Vivace Thalia

CH Shargleam Cragmartin

SH CH Cleovine Derrynane

SH CH Shargleam Sedge Warbler

CH Spera Saphire Vivace

CH Braidwynn Bonnie Lad

CH Spera Moonlit Sapphire



My foundation flatcoat bitch - a truly beautiful dog both inside and out. Thankyou Shirley for breeding this lovely girl who I adore. She gently controls all the other dogs in the house and keeps them all in check. The most maternal and sweet-natured animal, who has successfully raised 27 puppies. She has stacks of intelligence, and the most knowing expression. In the home she is quietly assertive, and is the most playful with newcomers into the fold. She loves the cats and affectionately licks their ears until they are soaking! She is well-behaved, and takes the specs off my face and the hat off my head if asked. She never chases the chickens in the garden because she knows the difference between a chicken and a pheasant!

Working ability:

KKesi has accompanied me on various types of shoot from the age of 2 so we have worked many a shooting season now. She is the best working dog I have and loves nothing more than to be out in the field. So excited to hear the guns, she sits ears forward, eyes peeled and body trembling with excitement, until she is given the command to hunt and retrieve and off she goes to pick up the pheasant. She is equally happy to pick up pigeon, grouse, duck and goose. She is an excellent swimmer and has proved herself on a few occasions to be the best water dog on the shoot. She is so willing to please but has learned steadiness and that combined with a very good nose have made her into the very successful gundog.


Kesi is a correct sized bitch with a very well-balanced conformation. She has a powerful front with prominent brisket, a very strong feature from the Spera breeding. She has an excellent topline and tailset coming straight off her spine. She is well-muscled and medium boned with well-formed feet. Her coat is glossy black of correct texture and with generous feathering. Her weakest point is probably her head shape which could be a little more refined. It is of correct width, but perhaps too much stop. Her dark eyes are perfect almond shaped, small and well-set ears and she has the sweetest, and most intelligent expression.